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Shopware 6

The most advanced e-commerce sales platform in the world. It allows meeting the dynamically changing requirements of
e-commerce, providing access to the latest solutions.

Can be adapted to any business model - both B2C and B2B

For the highest performance and stability

Available in Cloud and Self-hosted versions

For many sales and implementation channels

The vast community built around the Open Source project guarantees stable development. The tool is based on an entirely new technological ground - the "API-first" philosophy - in which technologies such as Symfony, Vue.js, Bootstrap 4 and Twig play a significant role.




Open Soarce

Intuitive admin panel

The platform has a new simplified administration module. Clear interface and intuitive navigation will allow you to move around the system efficiently from the first day of use. People from your company's sales or marketing department will be able to add content to the website on their own.

PWA & Mobile

Shopware 6 is well prepared for mobile-first and PWA (Progressive Web App) projects. Designed and developed with Vue Storefront technology, Shopware 6 is fully reliable and compatible with all Shopware 6 functions.

Security and support

The continuous development of an engaged community and the relatively low price make Shopware 6 an excellent alternative for companies looking for a complex system and reliable support.

Flexible product management

Product management in Shopware 6 is designed in a way that every employee can easily and quickly master this module. Each defined attribute - size, weight or colour - is catalogued and managed from one place.

Sales on social media

With Shopware 6, you can manage your sales whether they are made on an online store or a social media platform. These channels may differ not only in the assortment but also in currencies or languages.

Advanced discount rules

Thanks to the use of complex discount variants, assigned to specific user groups, Shopware 6 allows you to offer targetted discounts such as group discounts, discounted shipping rates or individual codes.

Cross-border development

Shopware 6 is designed to sell without any borders. The platform offers to translate content on the website, purchase in multiple currencies and provides the ability to configure tax calculation method.

Increasing number of add-ons and plug-ins

The growing community around Shopware 6 actively exploits the openness of the system and creates numerous add-ons and plugins, allowing the whole system to develop even more dynamically. More than 1,000 available plugins allow you to customize your e-commerce to suit your needs.

WWhat does Shopware 6 offer to your online business?

It is currently the best e-commerce system for flexible and sustainable development of your shop.

Develop your e-business with one of the best platforms in the world

Build an individual pricing policy for each customer

Create dedicated discounts for selected groups of customers

Sell products on social media

Use integration with Google Shopping to easily promote your products

Integrate your shop with external marketplace platforms

Take advantage of PWA technology

Expand your business internationally and sell globally

Why should you work with us?

We have vast experience with a variety of clients within the One-stop-shop philosophy for e-commerce. We work in the agency, technology, hybrid and consulting modules as in-house support.

One-stop-shop means that all the solutions for your e-commerce are in one place - SalesTube.

We operate in
model, model providing all services under one roof, from audit to implementation, testing and analysis.

We are part of
Serviceplan – the largest independent communication marketing group in Europe with a global reach.

We have a different perspective because apart from building e-shops for our clients, we also run them ourselves. We do know exactly what to do to sell more effectively online.

Read more about us on our website www.salestube.pl

Over 100,000 Shopware customers worldwide

Join companies building their online business supported by modern technology.

and many more...

Are you interested in the possibilities of Shopware?

If you have any questions about the platform or if you wish to consult our team of experts, please feel free to contact us.

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